Book Notes
  1. Maynard, John. A Treatise on Probability. Kindle Edition. Amazon Digital Services, eBook. (purchase)
  2. Murray, Michael J., and Michael Rea. An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion. Kindle Edition. Amazon Digital Services, eBook. (purchase)
    • Chapter 1 - Attributes of God: independence, goodness, and power
    • Chapter 2 - Attributes of God: eternity, knowledge, and providence
    • Chapter 3 - God triune and incarnate
    • Chapter 4 - Faith and rationality
    • Chapter 5a - Theistic arguments (Ontological)
    • Chapter 5b - Theistic arguments (Cosmological)
    • Chapter 5c - Theistic arguments (Teleological)
    • Chapter 6a - Atheistic arguments (Argument from Evil)
    • Chapter 6b - Atheistic arguments (Argument from Evil cont.)
    • Chapter 7 - Religion and Science

Rough drafts are posted here, and final copies posted over at  For some reason, this system works for me.