Friday, April 01, 2011

Philosophy of Religion Articles - PDF Carnival I

An assortment of articles that I've encountered, though probably not read yet, over the last month.
  1. Some Recent Progress on the Cosmological Argument by Alexander Pruss.
  2. (A wonderfully concise account of) Possible Worlds by Peter van Inwagen
  3. A New Look at the Cosmological Argument, by Robert Koons
  4. A New Cosmological Argument, by Alexander Pruss and Richard Gale
  5. A new cosmological argument undone, by Michael Almeida and Neal Judisch
  6. How Successful is Naturalism?, by Michael Rea
  7. Philosophical Themes from C.S. Lewis, by Steven Lovell
  8. God Eternal and Paul Helm, by Richard Gale
  9. Graham Oppy on the Kalam Cosmological Argument, by William Lane Craig
  10. Asking God, by Paul Helm
  11. The Argument from Reason (1998), by Victor Reppert
  12. Eternal Damnation and Blessed Ignorance, by Eric Reitan


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