Thursday, December 30, 2010

Apologetics methods

In my last post, I mentioned three basic responses to skepticism.  It occurred to me that apologetic methods fit nicely with this:

Skeptical Response Type
  1. Yes, but granted my epistemology, skepticism is not the default position
  2. Actually no, your epistemology does not grant that position 
  3. I can fulfill your epistemic requirements and thus persuade you to repeal your skepticism
Apologetic Method
  1. Reformed epistemology apologetics.  See James Kelly Clark's article, "Without Evidence or Argument: a Defense of Reformed Epistemology."
  2. Transcendental arguments for the existence of God.  More here
  3. Classical and evidentialist apologetics.  For an overview of evidentialist approaches, see this article.  I'm not even going to attempt summarizing classical apologetics.


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